As I Slept, I Dreamed A Dream...

Holy guacamole! 

I truly could not believe this one. I'm not sure which part of my life I manifested this incredible opportunity but I am most glad I did! 

Received a call in early August from my amigo Tony asking if I had some availability in the beginning of September for two weeks in the name of fitness and health. Without a second of hesitation I say, “YES!” not even knowing what the cards may hold, I was just trusting the process as that is the kind of gal I am.

You see, Tony let me know this incredible human named John was going through the program at The Ranch at Live Oaks in Malibu, California where I had been a hiking instructor and fitness guide (this is where I also met Tony). John was heading around the world for business after his time at The Ranch and needed someone to keep him in check as to not ruin the investment he just made in himself by going through the program. 

Los Angeles – Hong Kong – Beijing – Hong Kong – London – New York

(yeah, like...all the way 'round 'round 'round)

That was it and all in 14 days. Was I dreaming? I pinched myself in my arm, my leg even my right butt cheek and all signs pointed to the fact that this was, in fact, REALLY happening.


John and I spent two weeks on the road/air training his mind, body and spirit.

Mornings, regardless of jet lag, we would wake up at 5 am and get an hour in of either yoga, HIIT training, or cardio conditioning in. After, we would discuss the days plan and review menus of where breakfast, lunches and dinners would be. At this point I would advise John on his best options for meal time while he is out in the world being a bad ass. During the evening hours I would check in with John on ways to wind-down-the-day. As your quintessential buisness man/woman who runs on any and all cylinders all the time whilst underestimating the importance of rest, it was crucial for me to drive this point home. 

By the way, we need to start taking our resting/sleep schedules way more serious. Like, hate taking naps and feeling rested? Why? Don't do that. 

Mindfulness was a huge instrumentation we implemented for John while together. When you are building an empire it is important to remember that all of that hard work, hustle and late hours won’t matter if you show up in rough shape; mental, physical and emotional. Not to mention, if we are not checking our stress we are simply asking for it (and not in a fun way). Again, why do that to ourselves? Why do we willingly give up our wellness for that evil step dick, Stress? I say, no more.


John and I have become friends since our travels together and still work together periodically whether it be myself checking in to say...

“Turn your phone off and go to bed”


“Hey, let’s go for a hike and talk life”

I mean, to say it was unreal is an understatement. My real life dreams just manifesting before my very blue eyeballs. 

Moral of the story kids, if we could start investing just a little more into the three pillars of our existence; mind, body and spirit that would be great. It doesn't have to be a big change, it can start with little improvements every day. Even if it taking just 10 minutes to list off what you are grateful for (puppies, French fries, salty ocean water, parking the car after 405 traffic). Even if that thing is super small, the super small add up to the super big. 

The coolest thing you can do for yourself is care for yourself. It is the highest pillar of self-respect and love. 


Mo Hopp