When Passion Meets Reality - A Love Story

Having the chance to have been part of the amazing, The Ranch At Live Oaks team, was a game changer for me. 

Here I am, starting to align myself with what I have embedded deep down in the depth of my interwoven, nerve ending bits and BAM, The Ranch at Live Oaks shows up. Well, okay fine, I shouldn't say, BAM, because honestly, that is not how manifestation works. But you know, I was more like, “BAM, holy sh*t, this whole manifestation thing WORKS"! 


The conversation went something like this, 
The Ranch: “We want to hire you as a hiking guide”

Me: “Really? Like, so, I’m going to help guide folks on hikes over the thousands of beautiful trails within the Santa Monica Mountains?”

The Ranch: “Yes, that is the position.” 

Me: “Get the F*CK out of here (similar wording, not same…mostly wording in my head not coming out in vocal form) “REALLY?”

The Ranch: “Yes, really”


The Ranch:……..

There is further backstory on the power of thought and creating it into your reality but I won’t bore you with those details (unless you want them and then I will totes share)

Moral of the story, I WAS stoked! I still to this day get jazzed about the time I spent working at The Ranch. The crew of people are so inspiring, the property is like something from a Malibu dream, perfectly perched in the mountains along the sea. 

Easily, the absolute best part was being able to become a beacon of strength for the humans deciding to embark on such an interpersonal journey. The next best part, watching everyone, at the end of the week GLOW! No joke, we would call it “The Ranch Glow” as everyone that departed the property had the same beaming quality about them. 

My time spent at The Ranch was equally as transformative personally as it was for all of our guests that came through the door. So much so that since moving on from my position I have dedicated a lot of my personal practice to hiking the trails. The great outdoors has always been my confidant but after truly learning the healing power of hiking in nature I made it routine. 

Nature is such a powerful natural healer and such a babe! Wanna hike some time? I’m down! Give me a holla. 

Mo Hopp