So, I Am Running Up This Hill...

There was a time in my life where it was my job to take people on hikes, you’ll hear me talk about this position a lot because it absolutely ROCKED!

I really started getting into hiking when I moved to California. With access to the Santa Monica Mountains as a backyard (victory) I had the opportunity to really understand the power in taking a long hike up a mountain. It is challenging, weaving around switchbacks with incredible vertical climbs but with the almost guarantee of having views of the Pacific Ocean as grand as you can imagine, it is well worth it. However, in the beginning stages of my hiking I found that before I knew it, my heart felt like it was about to beat out of my chest and just then I felt like I was FOR SURE going to pass out and die (not ideal). You can’t catch your breath and that is when a mild anxiety creeps in…(I also heard this often with our clients at The Ranch)

“I can’t do this” “this is too hard” “I won’t make it”

I certainly experienced some moments of, “I might pass out on this mountain”, myself. It wasn’t until months of consistent hiking that I began to understand the art of…

***finding my breath***

Truly, the minute I would stop hiking; my heart certainly about to abound from my chest, if I could get my mindfulness together I would remember to simply, find my breath.

By finding my breath I could slow myself down enough to stop twirling and whirling in an anxiety ridden frenzy that I made up in my head…(sorry human fam, we are all weirdo freaks who make shit up in our head) (all fear and worry is made up shit in our heads – unless you are getting chased by a Lion…perhaps some worry can set it then)

If we can consistently with discipline(key term) remember with surrender (mindfulness) to find our breath in ANY situation that upticks our anxiety we can tap into a wealth of strength we often times forget we have and enter the most excellent flow state.

Next time you find yourself loosing your sh*t – stop, (drop and roll if you must) and find your breath – you can thank me later by coming on a hike with me :)

Mo Hopp