You Spin Me Right Round Baby Right Round


Dead or Alive…

No, that is not how this starts but Dead or Alive is the group who sang those words back in 1984…”you spin me right round baby right now (like a record baby right round round round)”

Stay with me here as I am getting to a point (I’m long winded, kay)

Recently, I have been working on breaking the, not-so-helpful (NSH), cycles in my life

(the, right round round round)for those of you paying attention

Now, this business takes WORK…

The first step is realizing there is a NSH cycle even going on. We are {c o n s t a n t l y } being tested by the greater good and it is noticeable when the same lesson keeps coming up. You may step back and say to yourself,

“This can’t be happening again”


“Why does this always happen to me?”

These are the hardships that keep us stuck within cycles we cannot seem to break.

For me, when I finally stopped and realized,

“Oh dang, this is a test…I am being tested to see if I am going to keep on doing the SAME thing I have always done which hasn’t resulted in a different outcome OR I am going to make the harder choice and do something different but for the betterment of myself”

Real shit fam – that is real shit

2018-12-19 12_39_33.613.JPG

You see, for me, the reason this is all so relevant is most recently I had the opportunity to open up conversations about a possible furtherment of a career path that I know well, was interested in but notoriously has taken from me way more than it has given back. However, I do love it, let me rephrase, I have love FOR it but somehow it has always taken me off course a bit from what I truly believe I was put on Earth to do. Believe me, I am grateful for it all and every twist and turn has its ability to teach us something but some cycles need to be broken.

When I finally committed to doing things differently by saying no to the thing which would have been easy and comfortable then saying yes to the things that were more difficult but I knew far, deep down in the cosmic galaxy that is my knowing, would be the breaking of the cycle and the conquering of the lesson.

Once I stood up for myself and you know, my life, the little doors started to open. You see, it is my belief that once we learn the lesson and step into a new paradox of living we need to start slow and low. It is new water, a different air space, one moment/task at a time.

What I know for sure is the only way to notice and then subsequently learn the lessons is to be incredibly present within our lives which is hard in the chaotic environment that exists today. Maybe that is part of the cycle as a whole we need to break…a collective consciousness that breaks detrimental cycles together – thrives together.

Step back

Plug into your life

Tune OUT the nonsense

Figure out what the cycles are and find the most delicate way to break them for they have molded you up until this point. The great thing though is you can mold yourself any way you please, you just have to want to do the work.

Get to sculptin’

Mo Hopp