Peaks & Valleys


They happen to all of us - the peaks and valleys

Usually life’s way of checking in on us. When we are riding high on a peak the fruits of our work in the valley show off. When we find ourselves in the valley it becomes time to see where the lesson is, learn it as to not repeat it, check in with ourselves and bring whatever is needed to light

I used to struggle a bit with my valleys. For me, I wanted to present myself in the best possible light and when you are going through it, why would you want to present that side of your life to the world because…

“Living My Best Life”

But honestly, that is a bunch of shit

Now, I use the valley’s as my fuel. When I see them coming and feel them creeping in I know it is time to hunker down and do the work. This most recent valley I am in has been a doozy but the last thing I wanted to do was run from it. So I dove in head and closely followed by my heart and I am working through it.

2019-09-10 17:22:50.976.jpg

To soften the edges of this most recent valley I have been using Humboldt Apothecary’s Blues Away CBD. It has been wonderful to find a product that allows me to embrace my valley while also assisting in bringing clarity. Cannabis has become a tool for me to better understand not only myself but a lot of what goes on around me.

A tasty treat the ladies from Humboldt Apothecary have shared is below and it’s become a go-to. Some take the edge off with a drink (I too enjoy this but err on the side of cannabis) and this recipe acts like a tasty cocktail but the relief comes from the cannabis

Go on - take your drink to go because you have some valleys to trek and some summits to make to get to the peaks

Uplifting Ruby Moscow Mule

1 oz simple syrup

1 oz soda water

1 mL Humboldt Apothecary Blues Away CBD Tincture

1 oz fresh lime juice

3-4 oz ginger beer

2 ruby red grapefruit slices

Lime Slice

A sprig of mint

Combine tincture, lime juice, simple syrup and soda water in a mixing glass and stir to combine. Insert small to medium size grapefruit slice into the glass to press against the side of the glass (depending on cup being used)

Fill a mule mug or a rocks glass with ice. If you want crushed ice, crush in separate cup with a muddler. Pour the mixture over the ice.

Top with the ginger beer and give it a brief stir

Mo Hopp