Creating Space

You know those moments in life where everything just seems to fall right into place? Those evenings where you hope for the best but something even better happens? Yep, me too and this last Women of Weed event presented by High Times (and so many more) that I helped co-produce was definitely one of those evenings!

This is the second party in the Women of Weed series that I have had the honor to be involved with since the conception of the idea. Through the power of positive thought and pure hustle I ended up in the right place at the right time allowing me to be involved with the most amazing human being to ever exist, Jackee!!! Jackee’s vision for these parties are expansive and I was able to be a vehicle to help collaborate and bring the vision to life! For her I am forever grateful as she is my partner in crime and the most inspiring woman!

Our night’s events were set amidst the backdrop of Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California. We were celebrating the image of Venus produced by the team at 3C Farms + the incredible imagination of Asia Taber of 3C! If you don’t know Asia’s work give her a look up on Instagram and be prepared to have your mind BLOWN! We were also celebrating the release of High Times Women of Weed issue of the magazine which was embedded with the divine.


Our guest list consisted of 80% women and 20% of some of the best gentlemen around. There were conversations buzzing around the room that I am convinced could change the world! The amount of love circulating was uplifting and encouraging as people came together for the love of women, liberation of the plant and pure joy for what we are all helping to create in this space.

I can only hope that the energy from that night is carrying through those that were involved as it has within myself. For me, I cannot wait to keep on curating experiences to enhance the human existence alongside some of the baddest ass bitches and amazing men that circulate within this space.

I am so grateful to all that came out, to all involved and to the wonder of life! Cheers to more to come, to create and TO THE MOON!!!!!!!!!

Mo Hopp