we have to be willing to get messy to get right

we have to be willing to get messy to get right


So, you are probably asking, what can this chick do for me? No sweat, I would totally be asking a similar question

My reach and understanding of healing is vast and by collaborating with some of the best around the question becomes, what can’t we do?

Ultimately my philosophy becomes: WE – together we are stronger

My mission is to curate and facilitate experiences to enhance the human existence


Want to take a hike to talk about life, good food and how to grab life by the balloons (all while getting a killer workout)? Got you!

Looking for a nutrition program to ignite the engines? Vroom Vroom Baby! 

Would a fitness regimen that fits into your hectic schedule give you a lift? Done deal!

Need a little assistance taking your goals, regardless of content matter, to the next level? Beam me up! 

Want to figure out a way to incorporate cannabis into your healthy lifestyle for wellness and longevity? Yep, On it!

Whatever your goals are we can achieve them together through one-on-one, group or retreat style sessions


Over here just doing things


 “Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” - some fellow named Hippocrates :) kidding - the internet can get real literal (:

A majority of my commitment on this planet is to assist fellow humans discover their super power by taking hold of what goes in their minds as well as their bodies. Extreme transformation happens just on the other side of our comfort zones and we are equipped with each tool needed to bust beyond the wall

Peace Out comfort Zones, see you never losers


The goal with cannabis has always been to combine it into everyday life, for everyday use. Similar to any vitamin or medicine consumed otherwise on a daily basis; cannabis can be the medium in assisting us to come back around to stellar health. Stellar health is super cool. 

My purpose is to use cannabis as a catalyst for wellness and longevity. Also, it is my finding that using cannabis as a performance and life enhancer can truly create miracles

Spoiler Alert: I have seen the miracles first hand